Thursday, January 26, 2012

Using Collaborative Tools

In today's day and age it is so much easier to complete projects without ever having to be in the same room as someone. There are so many technologies that allow you to communicate through text and even allow you to talk. For example, I can Skype someone from another country. I can also communicate through email, instant messenger, and google documents.
Google has definitely opened new doors when it comes to collaborating on projects. I can set up a google document, share it with my group members, and then we can all work on our project from the comfort of our homes. As an education major, google documents has been a life saver. I feel as if I always have some sort of group projects and with google documents I can easily keep them organized and work on them.
However, while working on our collaborative group project we were able to see how being able to communicate face-to-face definitely helps. I feel that talking about a project all together is the best way to start project. This way you can bounce ideas of off each other and hear what other people have to say. When you are only allowed to use collaborative tools it makes it hard to do so. This project definitely made me realize that there are a lot of great tools out there that aren't being utilized and when working on a group project like this you have to be very flexible.
This video shows some of the potential benefits of using collaborative projects.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Class Expectations

I'm really looking forward to this semester. So far, I have loved all my classes and can't wait to see what the semester will hold. I'm really looking forward Computer Classroom Applications. I'm hoping to really expand what I know about project-based learning. I really enjoyed all the projects we got to do in Ed. Tech & Design and am hoping we get to do some similar stuff and expand my knowledge on incorporating technology in the classroom. I also hope to learn new and innovative ways to use technology in my classroom. I've really enjoyed coming to class so far and learning about new programs and websites I can use. I hope to continue to find and learn about all the website out there that would be beneficial to use in a classroom.

I hope to learn a lot in this class, as well as, get to know the people in my class. I'm really looking forward this semester and all that it will bring.

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