Thursday, April 19, 2012

Interactive Whiteboards

Smart boards can be an amazing tool in the classroom. They create an environment where the students are active participants. In my level one, the students loved having the whiteboard to do activities on. It was a great resource during their math lessons on counting money. The students could have the currency on the board and drag them around to where they need them.
There is also a vast amount of resources for smart boards online. Many teachers post their lessons and flip charts online for others to use. A website that has a vast amount of resources is promethean plant. There are also a variety of white boards that can be used interactively in a classroom and range in their prices. A great one that can be moved from class to class is the mimeo board. This board is around $500 dollars and moveable. It has many of the same capabilities as other smart boards, but is a lot more cost effective.

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