Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Technology Creates Opportunities

This weekend I got the amazing opportunity to Skype an illustrator in Texas for a podcast. We contacted an illustrator from the Skype an author website. We were able to have a 15 minute conversation with Nathaniel Jensen. He is the illustrator of Children's book such as, Rattlesnake Rules. It was really neat to be able to talk to an actual illustrator. We got to ask him questions about how he comes up with drawings, research he does before beginning an illustration and what he does if he gets can't get a drawing or painting just so.
This opportunity wouldn't have been possible without technology. Technology has reinvented how we do things. It has changed our everyday lives. Now instead of writing letters to friends and family we can call them, text them, and even Skype them. It has even given us the opportunity to talk to people in a different country. Technology has given us the opportunity to expand and reach other people. Just take a look at how technology has changed the education world. Technology will continue to revolutionize the world and it's up to us as educators to bring it into the classroom.

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